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Medicaid is a lifeline for millions of families

April marks the 7th annual Medicaid Awareness Month. This month provides a critical opportunity to remind the American people how President Biden and Democrats have lowered health care costs, expanded quality coverage, and defended affordable health care from MAGA-Republican attacks.

Medicaid is working for American families

Over the last four years, President Biden has defended Medicaid from GOP attacks, created multi-billion dollar incentives for Medicaid expansion, stopped onerous work requirements, pushed for expanded postpartum coverage, and worked to minimize the impacts of Medicaid unwinding. Medicaid expansion has led to historic reductions in racial/ethnic disparities in access to health care, improving health outcomes for Black and Latino populations. Medicaid expansion has increased access to preventive care, which has helped people of color access lifesaving cancer screenings. 

Over 85 Million People In America Depend on Medicaid and CHIP

More than one in four Americans are covered through Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Plan (CHIP), around 85 million people

By The Numbers

Join us in the fight to protect and expand Medicaid

Medicaid saves lives. That’s why this fight is too important for any of us to sit on the sidelines. Join the movement to Protect Our Care today.