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Week 1: Republican Threats to Medicaid

Key Messages

President Biden and Democrats in Congress have been champions for lowering health care costs, increasing access, and improving care for the American people.

Democrats have defended Medicaid from GOP attacks, created multi-billion dollar incentives for Medicaid expansion, stopped onerous work requirements, pushed for expanded postpartum coverage, and worked to minimize the impacts of Medicaid unwinding.

Republican lawmakers continue to escalate their attacks against Medicaid and affordable health care. The latest GOP budget slashes trillions from Medicaid through block granting and calls for work reporting requirements and other bureaucratic measures designed to throw people off their coverage. GOP leaders in 10 states have also failed to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), blocking 1.6 million people from lifesaving coverage.

Sample Social Media Content

1 in 4 Americans count on Medicaid or CHIP for access to health care.

Medicaid and CHIP serve 85 million people. These programs save lives, keep rural hospitals open, broaden access to needed care, and help reduce health disparities.

24.5 million Americans across 40 states have enrolled in Medicaid thanks to Medicaid expansion. The ACA’s Medicaid expansion provides affordable health care to millions.

1 in 4 Americans count on Medicaid or CHIP for access to health care. MAGA-Republicans in Congress are dead set on gutting Medicaid, which would mean fewer kids and struggling seniors could see a doctor when they need it the most.

If MAGA Republicans get their way, Medicaid will be cut — taking it away from kids, seniors, and working families who count on it. They will lose the health care they need to stay healthy, age with dignity, and control their financial future.

If MAGA Republicans get their way and repeal the ACA’s Medicaid Expansion, over 23 million Americans who have been added to Medicaid through the expansion program would see their health care access jeopardized.

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